Eric and I paid back our initial investment in sales within about 2 weeks....but instead of actually using that money to pay it off, we reinvested it back into inventory. We paid off our credit card at week 7 and had $2500 profit in week 8. From there we havent had to put any other purchases onto our credit card. We have paid to add new styles or more sizes directly from our sales.

Q: How long will it take to pay back my investment?

When using LulaRoe's backoffice, audrey, your sales tax is remitted for you by LulaRoe. As far as personal income tax, you will be a small business owner. You will be responsible to remit income taxes. We recommend that you speak with a CPA in order to find out the exact detail and amounts for your personal taxes.

​​​​Q: I don't have enough friends to buy my stuff!          Who is going to buy it?

​​​Q: Can I sell on ebay, etsy, or a personal website?

When you join Lula Roe to become a fashion consultant, the cost of your initial inventory is $5000-6000. This cost will allow you to start right away with around 300 pieces of inventory. You will choose 4 styles to begin with or a package with pre-picked styles.

Do you have questions?

No. All sales must be done on a closed facebook group, live periscope sales or through in person popups. 

Some girls choose to use a no interest credit card for their initial order! This is what we did and it worked great for us! It was paid off in under 8 weeks. You could also take out a small loan from a bank or get a loan from family or friends.

​​​​​Q: How do I pay for the original investment?

​​Q: How do taxes work?

Q: How much is the initial investment?

Q: How much will I make?

This is something that I hear from so many women! Luckily for you, most of the people who buy from me I don't even know! My friends make up a very very small number out of my customers. THE INTERNET IS A VERY BIG PLACE! Trust me when I say, there's no shortage in customers! When you join our team, I am happy to assist in growing your page on facebook!

Everyone's income will vary-- some girls choose to do lularoe part time and some more fulltime. I do lula roe part time, doing 2-3 parties a week and sell an average of 60-100 pieces a week. {about $900-$1500 a week profit}. Profit margins are about 50%. That is INCREDIBLE! I feel like in LulaRoe you get out of it what you put in. I love the flexibility to take off if i need to, or do 5 parties a week if i want!