​​Hello there!

I am so happy that you have stumbled upon us and this incredible opportunity. In the Fall of 2015 I was introduced to Lula Roe through a friend on facebook. I heard so many "You have to try the leggings!". I was not a leggings girl. I actually hated the few pair that I owned. They didn't stay up. They stretched out. They were annoying. I wanted to be supportive of the party though so I bought a pair along with an irma. 

From 2013-1015 we ran grace+eugene on etsy - a handmade shop specializing in gauze baby wrap carriers. As the summer closed, sales slowed as is typical for fall. At that same time i received my leggings and my irma and fell in love. The quality was great. They were super comfortable. They didn't fall down! When I put them on I felt beautiful! After 4 kids, I had fallen into a pajama rut. You know what that is, right? You have the same pj's on when your husband gets home in the afternoon that you had on when he left in the morning. I didn't feel pretty or even have a lot of time to put into "pretty".  In these clothes, i could be comfortable enough to play in the floor with my kids but put together enough to go out short notice. I was sold. 

When Eric and I started looking into the incredible opportunity and crunching the numbers, he said "You should do this! Worst case scenario you fail and sell your clothes back to LulaRoe or other consultants!" I was so sacred. I am not a salesman. I am not even close to being a salesman. I just knew though, if women, like me, put these clothes on, they were gonna feel like i did-- they were going to feel beautiful again.

We sent in our paperwork, onboarded 3 days later and had our inventory the next Friday. IT WAS SOOOOO EXCITING.

In the last 5 months this thing has just blessed our socks off. I have grown a team, with some INCREDIBLE women! We are working hard. Some of us able to be at home raising our babies and supporting our husbands....it is so much more than I thought it would be. 

If you are in a place where you need another stream of income, or you need a new job or you just want to help women to see how beautiful they are, you are in the right place! We would love to have you on our team!

Still have questions? send me a message. I am happy to answer any questions you may have!! lularoeandreamcbride@gmail.com

We look forward to dreaming with you!

Eric and Andrea